We, three siblings of Srisuttipong family, realised the hardship of our parents being employee since childhood. From then, we always look for the sustainable family business. We decided to challenge ourselves in the real estate field and our first project started in 2003 under the name ’Nakarin Dormitory’ 


We are the first mover who surveyed the land around Prince of Songkla University, Trang Campus, conducted the feasibility study and built our large scale dormitory while most of the accommodation for rental around were basically one floor row houses. Majority think it's impossible to sustain from this investment due to the low number of students entering the college as compared to other universities in big city. Today, our dormitory is fully booked all year round. Eventually, we succeed in building our reputation as a high quality dormitory. 


As we grew as a company, we decided to challenge ourselves in the hospitality sector. With our experience throughout the years, we started our second project called ‘Chompu Nakarin Serviced Apartment’ in 2013. We survey around Trang hospital regarding demand and supply of rooms in the area and found that there is a shortage of rooms for patient’s guest and visitors of Trang city. In 2014, we started our construction and in 2015 we officially opened our serviced apartment to serve our lovely customers. We ensure that the best quality standard service is served despite the low price of what the customers pay. Today, our customers leave with good testimonials, which had met our goals and we promise our best standard of services will continuously be maintain in the future.


Following our passion to develop in the real estate field, we expand our product line to other sector. One of them is the high-end home office called ‘Nakarin Grand Home Office’. With our sophisticated experience in construction and hospitality services, we will ensure that every future project will be driven by customer satisfaction. Our value given to customers must be beyond customer’s expectation.


Nakarin Group’s target is to be one of the top real estate developer in Trang City within 10 years time. We will be professional in every aspect of our field and ensure the best value provided to our customers.

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